Executive Board Program

Applications are due no later than 11:59 p.m. on Sunday, April 23, 2017. Applicants who have been chosen for interviews will be notified via e-mail. Upon completion of the interview process, candidates will be notified by phone when a final decision has been made.

Dates to Remember:

Submission Deadline Sunday April 23, 2017 by 11:59PM
Notifications about 1st Round Interviews Tuesday April 25, 2017
1st Round Interviews Wednesday-Friday, April 26-28, 2017
Notification about 2nd Round Interviews Saturday April 29, 2017
2nd Round Interviews Friday May 5, 2017

Please note: that all newly selected officers need to attend Spring Banquet on May 17th.

Thank you for your interest in the Student Accounting Society.

2017-2018 Officer Responsibilities

The SAS officer term runs the entire school year, from fall through spring. All officers are responsible for maintaining membership in the organization and must attend ALL SAS evening events. Officers are also required to attend Board meetings.

All candidates are encouraged to speak to the 2016-2017 officer who currently holds the position for which they are applying. Officer contacts can be found on the About page.

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Director Positions, Duties & Responsibilities:

1. President

  • Oversees the Executive Board on matters pertaining to all SAS career fairs and professional development workshops, firm affairs, and student affairs
  • Handles email correspondence to recruiters and students on questions pertaining to recruiting and SAS
  • Works closely with the Undergraduate Accounting Director of Student Affairs
  • Provides professional development advice to SAS members and undergraduate
    accounting students
  • Communicates with Treasurer on matters pertaining to club budgeting

2. Treasurer

  • Maintain and updates records, tracing exact source and destination of all funds
    and managing bank relations
  • Serves as point of contact to Firms and Executive Board regarding all financial
    matters pertinent to workshops, Mock Interviews, Meet the Firms I & II, Spring
    Banquet, among others
  • Works closely with President on matters to pertaining to club budgeting for
    organization’s activities
  • Works closely with Director of Special Events and the Undergraduate Accounting
    Director of Student Affairs to handle Scholarship and Spring Banquet sponsorship from Firms

3. Firm Events

  • Plans, organizes, and delegates Meet the Firms I (Fall) & Meet the Firms II
    (Winter) with the the Undergraduate Accounting Director of Student Affairs
  • Serves as the point of contact to key industry recruiters and Big 4 recruiters on matters pertaining to Meet the Firms events through email or telephone
  • Serves as a point of contact to SAS members on issues pertaining to recruitment events or recruitment questions
  • Corresponds with the board through bi-weekly updates on timeline and progress of MTF I & MTF II

4. Special Events

  • Plans, organizes, and delegates SAS’s Annual Spring Banquet (Spring Quarter)
    with the Undergraduate Accounting Director of Student Affairs
  • Brainstorms, creates, and implements at least 1 philanthropy event each quarter
    to give back to SAS members
  • Works closely with the Director of Publicity to brainstorm initiatives to recruit
    members to actively participate in philanthropy events and promote other special
  • Serves as point of contact to key industry recruiters and Big 4 recruiters during
    planning progress for SAS’s Annual Spring Banquet

5. Publicity

  • Writes and sends weekly listserv to SAS members to communicate upcoming
    SAS events, other on-campus organizations’ events, and firm-sponsored
    recruiting events
  • Assists all other Executive members with creative, promotional efforts on social
    media (e.g. Facebook) and through our listserv to market upcoming SAS events
  • Handles SAS’ online presence and interacts with SAS members through our
    Facebook account and website

6. Membership

  • Serves as point of contact to key industry recruiters and Big 4 recruiters who want to host professional development workshops with SAS
  • Works closely with firm recruiters and the Executive board to plan and execute workshops during Fall
  • Works closely with the President to handle recruiting efforts for Assistant Directors in the Summer (as necessary) and Fall: application design, interview timeline, and selection process
  • Supervises and trains Assistant Directors to plan workshops in Winter quarter
  • Handles SAS’ peer-to-peer mentorship program in Fall

7. Diversity

  • Works closely with Director of Publicity to communicate events to student
    organizations with traditionally underrepresented minorities in business
  • Keeps current on diversity programs, conferences, and internships by
    maintaining close contact with recruiters to identify important application dates
    and deadlines.
  • Works closely with Director of Membership and Assistant Directors to organize a
    workshop inviting Big 4 firms to present on the importance of diversity in the workplace

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