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What is it?

The AD Program is a way for underclassmen to get more involved with SAS. As an AD member, you will help plan new events and philanthropic projects while working closely with the SAS Executive Board and firm professionals. It is a great leadership experience that will provide you with additional networking and face-to-face time opportunities with professionals as well as a chance to learn more about the accounting field.

In the past AD members have redesigned the SAS brand; designed, ordered, and distributed t-shirts for 400 SAS members; planned a tutoring program for Economics and Management classes; and conducted research on book library systems. New AD members will continue some of these initiatives as well as plan their own events and programs to benefit the SAS community. They will also assist executive board officers with annual SAS events and see what goes behind the scenes behind some of the biggest events SAS hosts including Midtier Madness, Spring Banquet, and Meet the Firms. Past AD members have gone on to become SAS Officers the next year.


How can I become an assistant director?

Thank you for your interest in becoming an SAS Assistant Director. SAS aims to develop students personally and professionally through a number of events and opportunities, which foster valuable relationships with peers and professionals, and assist students in achieving their post-graduations goals.

SAS Assistant Directors will be working closely with SAS officers in fostering community development and charity initiatives within SAS. They will plan new programs and events for SAS and make a direct impact on the student body. Assistant Directors will have the opportunity to plan new programs and events for SAS. They can expect to gain valuable leadership skills as well as networking opportunities with professionals from accounting firms.


What is expected of an assistant director?

The SAS Assistant Director must be able to attend weekly one hour meetings for the 2016-2017 school year, as well as devote up to two hours of outside work each week. We are looking for passionate and innovative individuals eager to contribute their ideas and service to the Accounting student community.


Assistant Director Application