Dynamic conditions in the workplace make a strong network, and the skills to maintain one, critical to success in the workplace. SAS events provide ample opportunity for you to refine your networking skills and step into the business world.


SAS hosts the largest accounting events at UCLA, giving students the opportunity to network with firms ranging from the Big 4 to mid-tier and locally-based practices. With an SAS membership, a student can attend these events for free throughout their time at UCLA


Obtaining a more specialized learning experience is difficult in recruiting due to the diversity of interests represented in each recruiting class. Attend an SAS social to build your network of students pursuing the same goals as you while learning about the road to completing these goals together.


Open-ended interview questions are intimidating: “Why do you want to work in this service line?” Attending SAS Workshops provides you hands-on experience before your internship with the service lines of accounting firms so you may better envision your life in audit, tax, or advisory.


The SAS website provides a central hub to all of SAS' many events throughout the year, with registrations and information about workshops, recruiting events, Meet the Firms, and more. Check the site weekly for new events and updated content being posted.


Recruiting events are the foundation of SAS. We exist to put you in the best position to get the job you want.




Many students begin recruiting in Fall and Winter quarter SAS provides a variety of workshops ...
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Meet the Firms

Meet the Firms

Get ready for a night of networking Our largest recruiting event of the year, Meet ...
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Spring Banquet

Spring Banquet

Dine with peers and professionals SAS’ last event of the year, this event provides you ...
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The SAS Roadmap

As you pursue a career in accounting, you will encounter various phases throughout the process. The map below demonstrates the typical recruiting timeline for an SAS member interested in recruiting with the firms.


Everyone starts at recruiting events. Attend them to build connections with accounting professionals, discover more about your future career, and choose the firm that is the best for you.


Full-time recruiting is, as implied, recruiting for a full-time position at an accounting firm. If you receive an offer, you will start within the next 15 months or so.


These multi-day recruiting events are open to anyone two years away from graduating and are held in the summer time. Recruiting for them occurs in winter, and participating in them can result in extensions of early-internship offers.


One summer away from graduation, you may have the opportunity to intern for about 8 weeks with an accounting firm. This internship is the beginning of your career in public accounting, and will tell you if you have chosen the best service line and firm for you.

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Upcoming Events

Check out our upcoming events below and visit the Event Directory to register and to learn more .


Practice is key to success, and interviews can be difficult to practice, so take this opportunity to refine your communication and interviewing skills. Professionals will provide feedback, so take advantage of this infrequent opportunity to practice your interviewing skills.


Our largest event in the Fall, Meet the Firms is your opportunity to meet many professionals and discover which firms’ career opportunities interest you most.


This Fall, we will be having four workshops for you to choose from. They will cover a variety of topics such as interviewing to differences between the Big 4 and mid-tier firms. Each SAS member will have the opportunity to learn more about the service line that most interests them. Workshops are hosted by accounting firms and will offer a brief recruiting session afterward.

Why Join SAS?

If you're interested in diving into the world of accounting or finance, SAS is the best organization to help you achieve motivation, growth, and success.


SAS is dedicated to helping students develop professionally through different recruiting events and workshops, while building a strong network among both UCLA peers and representatives from the firms.


SAS is dedicated to empowering students with connections, growth and knowledge required for success in the accounting industry.


SAS is devoted to facilitating the formation of relationships between students and professionals within the accounting industry. We achieve this by providing opportunities for students to learn about the accounting profession and assisting in the recruiting process, with programs such as Mentorship and Resume Critique.

Ready to jumpstart your career in accounting?